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Our mission

To provide quality, compassionate, community-based services that empower all individuals to be their best through supportive, educational, and therapeutic interventions that promote independence, self-awareness, holistic well-being and dignity.

Our vision

To be the behavioral health provider of choice for transformation, growth, and optimal well-being for all persons served.

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As we all go throughout our day to day lives, we oftentimes can feel stressed,  overwhelmed and searching for a moment of peace. Peace is defined as “freedom from disturbance”. Here at One Source Wellness Works, we want to offer you just that, a place to heal and regain wellness in an environment that is healthy and surrounded by caring professionals. Whether you seek therapy to heal from a traumatic experience or to support you during a life transition, OSWW can help you regain wellness and improve your quality of life. 

About Ms Darlene Dockins

Darlene A. Dockins is the founder and CEO of One Source Wellness Works. Mrs. Dockins is an authentic, passionate, and innovative trendsetter with a passion to create a legacy of love, hope, and dignity for families and communities With over 30 years of diversified experience in the human services industry, she has dedicated her career to adding value to the life of others from a caring and holistic perspective. Throughout her career, Mrs. Dockins has seen firsthand the need for families and communities to have access to quality services with caring professionals who are trained to understand and deal with the myriad of challenges they face.  One Source Wellness Works was birthed from her vision to develop a robust and quality program that is responsive to the needs of people faced with mental health challenges needing to regain wellness, and resilience, and improve their quality of life. 
In addition to a heart and passion for the work, Mrs. Dockins is a proven and effective leader in the human services industry. Her professional portfolio includes a strong background in enhancing and expanding programs, team and partnership development, and program management in both corporate and executive-level operations. Her inspirational leadership has transcended from the many employees she’s developed, to the thousands of families that have been positively impacted under her leadership. 

Mrs. Dockins graduated from Coppin State University School of Psychology, earning a master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling and a bachelor’s degree in Business Management with a minor in Social Work from Morgan State University.

Mrs. Dockins’ favorite quote is, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”.
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Mental Wellness Is Our Priority

We Are Your One Source For Positive Change

One Source Wellness Works is a CARF accredited Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program providing community-based mental health services to families and individuals that are constantly facing mental health issues. We work in collaboration with a team of highly skilled and licensed therapists who are motivated to help people with behavioral and mental health challenges reach their fullest potential.

At OSWW, we are committed to achieving a standard of excellence in the services we provide our clients. With exceptional patient care and support, we aim to empower all individuals to be their best and start living an independent and stress-free life.




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